Photographic Art

Aluminium-mounted art photographs

An aluminium-mounted photograph is expressive, modern and durable. A Lambda printer is the world's best way of processing photographs, when uncompromising quality in terms of resolution, colour dynamics and density is the aim. Using this method, the image is printed on photo paper using an RGB laser. The print is developed using the RA-4 exposure process. In practice, the result is a non-raster art photograph, top-class in terms of colour reproduction and print permanence, with perfect photo paper density. For their materials, the photo paper manufacturers, Kodak and Fuji, promise a colour print permanence of 70 years in regular room lighting, and 100 years in the dark.

We mount our underwater photographs on a 2 mm thick aluminium plate treated using electrolytic oxidation, which never bends when hung: it is impervious to changes in humidity. Electrolytic oxidation prevents the adhesive film from being affected by dirt and grease on the aluminium. In addition, the aluminium has a level surface, enabling the best possible mounting quality. The work of art is stylishly raised from the wall by hanging strips affixed to the reverse side. The art photograph is covered with a protective lamination whose UV protection provides improved colour print permanence. Both the adhesive film and protective lamination are acid-free. Prints are available in high-gloss, gloss or matte finishes.