Photograph Publication Rights

Jukka Nurminen, Abyss Art's underwater photographer, specialises in photographing the underwater wildlife of the Baltic Sea. He has been doing so professionally since 2003. Abyss Art's image archive includes the world's most unique underwater photographs of the Baltic Sea. These pictures are in demand by the media, and for communications and internal decoration purposes. Over the course of a decade, Mr Nurminen has also recorded the glorious colours of tropical coral reefs. Our large image bank includes thousands of underwater photographs shot around the world. Samples can be viewed in our gallery, available through these web pages.

We sell publication rights to our underwater photographs. Viewers often find underwater photography novel, unexpected or spellbinding. Get in touch if, together with your customers and stakeholders, you would like to peer beneath the waves of the Baltic Sea or tropical oceans.

See Abyss Art's underwater photography at: Gallery