Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea – Outdoor Photography Exhibition

Exhibition dimensions,
structure and contents

Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea comprises 12 double-sided, back-lit exhibits designed by Abyss Art. There are 10 actual exhibits, plus two information exhibits elaborating on the exhibition's content and environmental message. Each exhibit is around 2.5 metres high and 2.3 metres wide.

Each exhibit includes a large underwater photograph plus a caption, on both sides. The captions provide a spellbinding account of the scenery and organisms shown. Based on each city hosting the exhibition, the captions are displayed in several languages.

In the most illustrative manner, Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea's information exhibits describe the Baltic Sea's special characteristics, major problems, threats, causes of eutrophication, sources of pollution and the most critical protection measures required. In addition, concrete measures are presented through which visitors themselves can reduce nutrient emissions into the Baltic Sea.

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