Beneath the Waves of the Archipelago Sea – Photography Exhibition


Beneath the Waves of the Archipelago Sea is the first broad-scale photography exhibition to present the Baltic Sea's underwater scenery and ecosystems. It aims to increase environmental knowledge while describing how the northern Baltic Sea looks below the surface. Previously unseen underwater landscapes are shown, from beneath the waves of the Archipelago Sea. The photographs were taken in August–October 2003–2007.

Our coastal waters are commonly regarded as murky, cold and barren. An unpractised diver can easily gain the impression that they are almost devoid of species. Overgrowth of algae forms the chief impression, alongside fish species familiar from the market square. However, under the surface is a highly variegated ecosystem, comprising hundreds of algae types, invertebrates and fish species, representing almost every branch of oceanic organisms, sometimes in shoals of thousands. Burgeoning with life, the Archipelago Sea is one of Finland's and the northern Baltic Sea's richest and most colourful national landscapes. We can only continue to enjoy these clear waters if we succeed in combating eutrophication.

Since 2006 Beneath the Waves of the Archipelago Sea has been given a warm reception in 20 venues in Finland, Germany and Russia, its visual environmental message reaching around 100,000 people.

"The compositions and colours look as if they came straight from the palette of the classical masters. To cap it all, the content is controversial and thought-provoking, as well as aesthetically satisfying."

"The collection is reminiscent of Luc Besson's beautiful documentary, Atlantis."

"The work also amounts to a powerful ecological manifesto."

– From an exhibition review by the Satakunnan Kansa newspaper, 16 February 2007. –