Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea Calendar

Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea, a wall calendar of uncompromising quality, informs the reader about the sea's underwater world. It represents a stylish, new kind of corporate and stakeholder gift product, presenting previously unseen underwater landscapes. This calendar is an effective communications tool for companies that cherish environmental values and the Baltic Sea: all year round, it reminds the recipient of both the giver and the urgent need to protect the Baltic Sea. With our Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea calendar, we seek to pay tribute to the Baltic Sea, while reminding people of its uniqueness and fragility. Although replete with life, this wonderful sea is in a critical state and needs immediate protection.

Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea calendar is available in two language pairings: English-Finnish and English-Swedish. If you prefer, we can produce it in another language or language combination. When hung, the calendar measures 333 x 486 mm. Showing 60 mm below the rest of the calendar, the back page will bear your logo. The calendar fits into a normal letterbox. We will also be delighted to provide suitable mailing envelopes.

Order Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea calendars bearing your logo for next year. Let's work together for a cleaner, healthier Baltic Sea.