Beneath the Waves of the Archipelago Sea – Photography Exhibition

Exhibition dimensions, structure and contents

Beneath the Waves of the Archipelago Sea consists of 12 lightboxes (80 x 120 cm) and 18 prints mounted on an aluminium plate (76 x 115 cm). With the help of illustrations, an information board (150 x 300 cm) describes the Archipelago Sea, its eutrophication and oxygen depleted seabed. In addition, the photography team and camera equipment are presented, with an account of underwater photography.

Ambience type music has been composed for the exhibition. The captions and marketing and sales products are in three languages (Finnish, Swedish and English). German-English and Russian-English versions of the exhibition are also available. We create new language versions of the exhibition to suit each venue. While the entire exhibition occupies around 65 metres of wall space, the number of exhibits can be reduced to occupy a much smaller space.