Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea – Outdoor Photography Exhibition


Our new exhibition concept, Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea, is a large-scale outdoor photography exhibition aimed at an audience of millions during a tour of major city centres in the Baltic Sea catchment area. The exhibition's colourful, high-calibre underwater photographs present previously unseen underwater scenes and ecological communities from the Baltic Sea. Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea aims to significantly increase knowledge of, and interest in, the Baltic Sea. It thereby seeks to inspire people to protect the Baltic Sea and to expedite the introduction of solutions for reducing its eutrophication. The exhibition is a powerful environmental awareness concept, with a focus on providing experiences and the unexpected, while creating a low threshold to gaining knowledge. The intention is to delight visitors while creating an entertaining event which brings city residents together.

By touring areas of major city centres frequented by large numbers of pedestrians, Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea will bring millions living within the Baltic Sea's catchment area to understand the uniqueness of its marine life and its urgent need of protection. This will be done in an interesting, cost-effective manner. The exhibition will comprise 12 backlit, double-sided exhibits.

A unique ambience will be created by the exhibits’ back-lit photographs and captions. This major international outdoor exhibition is the first on the theme of protecting the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea is the world's most polluted sea and Finland's most pressing environmental problem. Its greatest threat and challenge is posed by eutrophication due to nutrient overload. For the sake of the Baltic Sea, it is vital that inhabitants of the Baltic Sea catchment area have a common view of the extent of the eutrophication problem, major sources of emissions and the best, most cost-effective solutions for reducing eutrophication. This is the greatest challenge to protecting the Baltic Sea, since there are nine countries on the Baltic Rim and 14 within the catchment area. The combined effect of protection projects will be sub-optimal, if protection activities are not prioritised throughout the Baltic Sea. At the Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea exhibition, visitors will learn about the best and most cost-effective ways of protecting the Baltic Sea, which sources of nutrient load should be attended to first and what they themselves can do to reduce nutrient emissions. The issue is to prioritise protection measures on the Baltic Sea's terms.

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