Our photography exhibitions promoting the protection of the Baltic Sea aim to significantly increase knowledge of, and interest in, this sea. They thereby seek to inspire people to protect the Baltic Sea and to expedite the introduction of solutions for reducing its eutrophication. Motivation and enthusiasm for protecting the Baltic Sea will arise from people's own experiences of it, when given a glimpse of its colourful underwater ecosystems.

Abyss Art's greatest effort to protect the Baltic Sea consists of its large-scale outdoor photography exhibition Beneath the Waves of the Baltic Sea, a collection of high-calibre images aimed at an audience of millions during a tour of the Baltic Sea catchment area. We believe that this exhibition will have a markedly positive effect on the Baltic Sea's future.

Beneath the Waves of the Archipelago Sea, an internationally touring exhibition, is the first broad-scale photography exhibition to present the Baltic Sea's underwater scenery and ecosystems. Since 2006, the exhibition has been on show at 20 venues in Finland, Germany and Russia, where it has been well-received, being viewed by around 100,000 visitors.

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